Public Works

  1. Customer Service / Water Billing

    Contact our department with any questions about your water bill.

  2. Central Control

    Central Control maintains a 24-hour utility emergency response team, oversees water production and environmental programs.

  3. Engineering / Capital Improvement

    The Engineering Department provides engineering services to improve and maintain the city's infrastructure and facilities — efficiently utilizing the available financial and staffing resources.

  4. Planning & Zoning

    The City of Roswell Planning and Zoning Department is involved in a myriad of services ranging from initial development review procedures to long range planning activities.

  5. Recycling

    The City of Roswell has designated roll off containers for recycling located at convenient locations throughout the City.

  6. Sanitation / Landfill

    The Solid Waste Department provides residential and commercial garbage and trash collections, state permitted landfill operations and the disposal of common household hazardous wastes and more.

  7. Streets

    The Street Department contributes to the quality of life for Roswell citizens by maintaining 364 miles of paved city streets, "open" alleyways, and any other areas entrusted to this department.

  8. Utilities Department

    The Utilities Department is divided into six sub-departments. Learn about their functions and responsibilities.

  9. Water

    Discover the duties and responsibilities of our water production department.