Alarms Administration

The Roswell Alarm Administration office is located at the historic Conoco building, 426 North Main Street. The Alarm Administrator for the City of Roswell is Richard D. Lucero. The Alarm Administrator is responsible for maintaining a database of alarm users, tracking all alarm police dispatches, issuing false alarm notifications and permits.
Alarm Keypad Photo

City Ordinance 14-03

The City of Roswell has adopted City Ordinance 14-03 (PDF) to govern burglary, panic, duress and robbery alarm systems. The purpose of the ordinance is to reduce false alarms the police respond to. In Roswell, 98% of all burglar-alarm dispatches are false alarms and a waste of police resources. Police are not legally required to check burglar alarm activations, and responding to investigate alarms takes the police officers away from responding to actual emergencies. Roswell police will respond to investigate your alarm activations, but they require a Police Response Permit. The Roswell Police Alarm Administration office is located at 426 North Main. You may contact the Alarm Administrator, Richard Lucero.


Remember to have your alarm company attempt to contact you on at least 2 telephone numbers prior to calling the Roswell Police Department to request a police dispatch to your alarm activation. This procedure gives you the opportunity to cancel an alarm and save you from paying the false-alarm fees.

Send the Police

Whenever your alarm company advises you that your alarm has been activated and you do not know the reason why, send the police to check. Your safety and the safety of your family is the police department’s priority. You should only cancel an alarm activation if you know it is a false alarm.