Solid Waste Disposal Fees

Residential Service

Residential service is collected twice a week. The fees are attached to monthly City water bills.


  • Household trash $16.75/month
  • Bulk collection
    • $58.24 -  Less than half a truck load
    • $116.44 - Large loads over half a truck load

Commercial Service



  • Rates for commercial accounts vary according to the type of container, number of containers needed, and how often they have to be serviced.
  • Due to the fact that the landfill has several options, it is best to contact the Sanitation Department, 575-624-6746, and set up an account that best meets the need of your business.

Landfill Tipping Fees

These fees are charged by the Scale House, effective as of July 1, 2016.


  • Mixed loads
    • Commercial: $33.75 per ton
    • Residential: $3.75 plus tax for the first 300 pounds. Any weight above the first 300 pounds will be charged at the $33.75 per ton rate.
  • Heavy Loads - Defined as asphalt roofing shingles and large tree trunks
    • $16.25 per ton
  • Tires - Tire manifest is required with all commercial loads (more than ten tires) as required by NMED ( NMAC)
    • Bulk loads  - $222.75 per ton
    • Contaminated - $446 per ton
    • Large truck -  $5.75 per tire
    • Passenger - $3.25 per tire
  • Clean Fill - Concrete, brick, asphalt, rock and concrete with rebar is acceptable. There can be no wood, paper, or any other biodegradable materials that can create land settlement or ground water contamination.
    • Materials must meet clean fill standards as approved by the State of New Mexico Environment Department
    • $12.25 per ton
  • E-Waste
    • $2 per unit
    • $39 per ton
  • Refrigerant Units
    • $39 per ton plus $11.75 per evacuation, if necessary.

Roll-Off Service


  • 20 and 30 yard roll-offs are available at the landfill
  • $184.25 per pull plus $33.75 per ton landfill tipping fee
  • No delivery, set-up, or daily rental fees
  • There must be at least one pull per 30-day period in order to avoid automatic pull charge