Spring River Zoo

PLEASE NOTE: The zoo will be closed all day Saturday, Sept. 14. It will reopen Sunday, Sept. 15, for normal hours (9 a.m.-6 p.m.). 

EARLY CLOSURE FOR RIDES AND CONCESSIONS: Due to limited staffing at this time, the rides and concessions at the zoo have been closed for the season. (They are normally open each year through Sept. 30.) They are scheduled to reopen for next year's season around Easter weekend.

  1. Andrea Cole with horse at zoo during kids program (July 2019)


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Greetings Roswell Visitors! If you get a bit tired of the techno world come out to the Spring River Zoo and get back in touch with our planet. We have native plants and animals to enjoy and several unique attractions.

Zoo Areas

Roswell has a wonderful park and modern small zoo at Spring River Zoo covering about 34 acres of parkland with five main zoo areas located on the grounds. These areas include:
  • Capitan Trail featuring native animals
  • Children’s Zoo area with child friendly animals for close-up viewing
  • Developing World Safari Exotics area
  • Ranching heritage exhibit
  • Visitor service area with the concession, miniature train and antique wooden horse carousel

Capitan Trail

Some of the highlights of the Capitan Trail include the River Bottoms Exhibit in which several of our small native animals are showcased against a red clay river bank including foxes, bobcats, and raccoons.

Further along is the wonderful natural Plains exhibit with bison, prairie dogs and burrowing owls. The prairie dog town features about 80 of these fascinating critters descended from a dozen or so animals brought here when the Wool Bowl Stadium was built.

The Coyote Country and Wolf Woods each cover 2,500 square feet exhibits across from the large paddock where the deer and the antelope play! The trail culminates in the spacious, naturalistic enclosures of the Mountain Habitat housing mountain lions and black bear.

Children's Zoo

The Children’s Zoo features a variety of animals that are child friendly including lemurs, birds of prey and a herd of pigmy goats.

Ranch Area

The ranch area has Texas Longhorns and miniature horses. The replicated ranch house façade has many of the types of plants and flowers our grandmothers planted around the ranch houses at the turn of the century. The World Safari is planned around the existing train track and currently houses South American Llamas.

Antique Wooden Horse Carousel

Unique to our park is the antique wooden horse carousel located in the heart of the park. This rare treasure is one of about a hundred left in the country and features hand carved horses from various artisans and even a few from foreign countries. People come from all over to see the carousel on their travels.

The miniature train was added in 1976 to give rides around the park and has become a popular tradition. The park also features a small lake, covered picnic shelters, an accessible play ground and shade trees for the visitor’s comfort.