Special Services

Each of these departments has a director or supervisor who reports to the Director of Special Services, who, along with these departments, works hard to provide quality service to the citizens of Roswell. It is our goal to enhance the quality of life for all who visit and live in Roswell.

The Director of Special Services is the team leader for the following departments:
  1. Building Inspections

    The City of Roswell Building Inspections is located at Code Enforcement, 421 North Richardson.

  2. Business License

    Our Business License Clerk is available Monday through Friday to assist any person wishing to do business within the City of Roswell.

  3. Code Enforcement

    The City of Roswell's Code Enforcement Department works each and every day to ensure that Roswell remains a desirable place to live and do business by enforcing city codes that promote the health, safety and welfare of all citizens.

  4. Community Enhancement

    The City of Roswell Community Enhancement Department consists of graffiti removal services and community service workers.

  5. Facilities Maintenance

    Facilities Maintenance provides all need maintenance to city facilities, ensuring that citizens complete their daily interactions with the city and that city employees can go about their duties in an efficient and safe manner.

  6. Permits & Applications