Goddard Planetarium

Comets, quasars, black holes—the night sky is filled with things wild and wonderful. Like the imagination of a child, space is beautiful and boundless.

The Robert H. Goddard Planetarium presents star shows, multi-media presentations, and hands-on activities for children and families that help us understand the changing universe and the impact of space science on our lives.
The Planetarium is currently closed for renovation and will reopen this fall. The renovation includes a conversion from standard slide projectors to high-end digital projectors and Digistar 6 programming. The dom eis also being cleaned and repainted with more reflective paint and the cove "effects" lighting, carpet and seats are being replaced. Ultimately, this project will allow the Goddard Planetarium to remain relevant to 21st century audiences, serve as a catalyst for space science education, and usher in STEM and STEAM programming for areas schools. 

Touch the Stars: Teach Bigger is a fundraising campaign coordinated by the RMAC Foundation in support of the renovation. Donors can sponsor seats for $500 or make donations in any denomination. For more details, please contact the RMAC Foundation office at 575-627-0918. Email: rmacfound@qwestoffice.net. Mailing address: 400 N. Pennsylvania Avenue, Suite 220, Roswell, NM  88201.