Roswell Science and Art Festival

Saturday, October 12
10am - 4pm  |  Free Admission

The Roswell Museum and Art Center – in collaboration with area educational, science and cultural leaders – is presenting the 2nd annual Roswell Science and Art Festival on Saturday, October 12 at the Roswell Convention Center. This free all-ages event will present a fun-filled day of science and art opportunities with the aim of inspiring the next generation of creative and innovative thinkers.  

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2019 festival

Sharbani Das Gupta: In/Sight

October 26, 2019 - April 5, 2020
Opening Reception: 
Friday, October 25 | 5-7pm

Splitting her time between India and the United States, Sharbani Das Gupta uses the perspective she gains from her travels to create immersive environments that give viewers the opportunity to enter an alternative kind of space. Das Gupta has a keen awareness of the human impact on the planet, and she often explores the ecological and social residues of political upheaval. Her allegorical rather than confrontational approach opens a space for empathy and understanding while still emphasizing the need for action. She uses her work to draw attention to the not-so-hidden but often disregarded links between ourselves and the worlds we inhabit and impact. Read More

Sharbani 3

A Line in the Sand

November 9, 2019 - May 24, 2020
Opening Reception: 
Friday, November 8 | 5-7pm

The political boundary between the United States and Mexico has an unstable history, with both the location and the importance of the border shifting across this remote region over time. If not for the geographers, surveyors, and scientists sent to map the border, the secretive animals of the mountains, deserts, and rivers might have evaded notice for a long time. Instead, over the course of the 1800s many expeditions passed through this region, collecting and illustrating the animals they discovered. Co-curated by biologists Tracy Diver and Alexis Harrison, this exhibition explores the stories of some of these animals, from the observations of early explorers to contemporary artistic representations of these same species, with notes on the current state of scientific knowledge about each, and thoughts on how the changing nature of the border may affect the wildlife living along it.

This event is part of the Species in Peril Along the Rio Grande regional collaboration. For more information visit 516ARTS 

Beautiful Shiner II