Online Resources

  1. A to Z Maps Online

    A to Z Maps Online offers over 145,000 maps available for viewing, downloading or even printing.

  2. Brainfuse: Help Now & Job Now

    The Roswell Public Library has teamed up with the NM State Library to offer Brainfuse's Help Now and Job Now.

  3. Downloadable E-Books

    Easily download E-Books on Overdrive and 3M Cloud Library. Plus download E-Audiobooks on Overdrive as well.

  4. Find A Book In Another Library

    If you can't find what you are looking for at our library, browse the World Catalog website and find that book another library.

  5. Free Driver's Ed Tests / Manuals

    Before taking that driving test, use these free online resources.

  6. Links of Interest

    We compiled a list of links to local, state and national government websites. We hope they help you find what you need.

  7. Mango Languages

    Mango Languages is an online language-learning system. It is easy to use and a great way to learn actual conversation skills in a new language.