1. Bondurant Room Policy

    Before reserving the Bondurant Meeting Room for your next meeting, please become familiar with the policies.

  2. Internet Access Policy

    We are happy to offer free internet access. Please review this policy so you can avoid using it incorrectly.

  3. Library Card

    Any resident or property owner of Chaves County may apply and receive a library card by meeting the following guidelines.

  4. Library Rules

    In order to keep the library a safe and enjoyable place, we have established the following rules.

  5. Noise Policy

    To provide a suitable environment for a variety of needs, the Library will enforce a policy regarding the noise levels which will be tolerated.

  6. Social Networking Policy

    The Roswell Public Library has outlined some key standards to consider when participating in social media networking web sites.

  7. Wireless Policies

    The Roswell Public Library provides free unfiltered wired or wireless access (Personal Internet Access) in the Library for the public to use with their personal notebooks, laptops and other mobile devices.