Races, Marathons & Triathlons

Roswell Parks & Recreation Running Events

Sara Hall for more information  (575) 624-6719 
  • Pecos Valley Stampede 
    Half Marathon, 10K Run, 5K Run & Walk
  • Roswell Games    
    Qualify at Elementary/Middle School.                                                                                    May
  • Race for the Zoo
    10K Run & Walk, 5K Run & Walk 

  • Annual Alien Chase 
    10K Run & Walk, 5K Run & Walk
    4th of July weekend, in conjunction with the UFO Festival
  • Superkids Duathlon                                                                                                              Run Bike Run                                                                                                                           August
  • Turtle Marathon
    Full Marathon Run, 1/2 Marathon Run & Walk, 5K Run & Walk
  • Reindeer Run
    10K Run & Walk, 5K Run & Walk