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Posted on: May 12, 2017

Properly check out repair services after hailstorm

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Following the recent hailstorm, many roof-repair services are expected to be out in force soliciting their services to local residents whose home or business roofs were damaged by the hail. The number of these types of contractors usually grows after a severe hailstorm as many out-of-town contractors arrive.

City of Roswell Code Enforcement officials remind residents to make sure any roof-repair services they hire meet the city and state requirements to do business in Roswell. Making sure of that will help protect the customer should the work not be of the promised and expected quality.

All contractors must be licensed with the City of Roswell and State of New Mexico. They must also get a city permit for each job they do. Legitimate contractors obtain their own permits. They should not ask the customer to obtain a permit. A homeowner who obtains the permit for a roof repair is solely responsible for the work performed, even if someone else does the work.

All roof-repair work requires a permit. When homeowners do the work themselves, they must follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the materials.

Any roof-repair work done by a contractor without a permit means city building officials will not be able to assist the homeowner in tracking down the contractor whose work proves to be substandard. City building inspectors will only inspect roof-repair work that was done with a permit.

All permits must remain posted on the structure during the work until final inspection is complete and signed by a building official.

There will also be a greater-then-usual number of dent-removal companies in town offering services to people with vehicles that were damaged by the hail. Those services must have a city business license and must have written permission from the appropriate property owner prior to setting up their service at a location. City business licenses are obtained at 421 N. Richardson Ave.

 Further questions about city requirements for roof repairs, other building repairs or vehicle dent-repair businesses can be addressed to the Code Enforcement office at 421 N. Richardson Ave. or by calling 637-6280.

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