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The City of Roswell is the largest municipality in Southeastern New Mexico and the fifth largest in the State. It is the economic driving force for Chaves County. As such, Downtown Roswell, with its influx of traffic and its ability to attract tourists, is particularly well suited to attract and reap the benefits of economic prosperity in the region. The City of Roswell wisely recognized how important Downtown is to the City’s overall economy and decided to initiate a strategic master planning process in 2010. The MainStreet Roswell Master Plan is the culmination of that effort.

The purpose of the MainStreet Roswell Master Plan is to provide guidance to the City of Roswell to ensure the economic vitality of the MainStreet District is sustained over time. The Master Plan seeks to maintain and reinforce a business-friendly environment that increases commerce, supports pedestrian activity, and contributes to the social, cultural, and economic quality of life for generations to come. The Master Plan identifies physical, operational, and regulatory actions that will help the community accomplish its goals and transform the District into a thriving epicenter of activity that attracts new investment, adds jobs, increases tourism, and is an overall fun place to work, visit, and live.

The MainStreet District is centered on Main Street and includes some of the City’s oldest commercial buildings, many of which are listed on the National Register of Historic Places and the State Register of Cultural Properties. The District is adjacent to the Roswell Historic District, which is primarily comprised of residential structures. The area has a rich historical past
that is acknowledged and celebrated by the Master Plan.

The boundaries of the MainStreet District are Eighth Street to the north and Alameda Street to the south (see map on page 4). The eastern boundary is at Railroad Avenue and then it steps inward at Second Street towards Main Street until it is within a half block east of Main Street. The western boundary is a half block west of Richardson Avenue and then it steps inward at Second Street towards Main Street until it is within a half block west of Main Street.


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