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Alarm Administration

The Roswell Alarm Administration office is located at the historic Conoco building, 426 North Main. The Alarm Administrator for the city of Roswell is Richard D. Lucero.  The Alarm Administrator is responsible for maintaining a database of alarm users, tracking all alarm police dispatches, issuing false alarm notifications and permits.


The purpose of the Alarm Administration office is to reduce the number of false alarms the Roswell Police respond to. Police officers are not required by law to check alarms, as every alarm response takes the officers away from their law enforcement responsibilities.  Many cities throughout the country no longer send their police officers to check alarm activations.  Police officers in Roswell will continue to check alarm activations, but require that alarm users obtain a Police-Response permit.


Where can I apply for an a police-response permit?  At the Roswell Alarm Administration office located at 426 North Main Street.  For more information contact the Roswell Alarms Administration Office at 575-622-7233 or 575-624-6770 ext. 118.


What is a false alarm?  A false alarm is a burglar alarm activation that was not caused by criminal activity.  Everyone has to do their part to alleviate the false alarm problem.


If I cancel the police, am I still charged?  If you cancel before the officers arrive at your location you WILL NOT be charged.


How do I cancel a false alarm?  Contact your alarm monitoring service and provide them your cancellation password.  DO NOT call the police department. They cannot and will not cancel an active call.


Do I need to register my car or fire alarms?  No, car and fire alarm systems are not subject to this ordinance.


My alarm system is not monitored, do I still need a permit?  Yes, any burglar alarm

system that causes a police response through sound, neighbor calls or homeowner request is required to be registered. 


How long is a permit good for?  A police response permit expires one year from the date of issue.  The alarm administration office will mail you a notice 30 days before the expiration date.


The Alarm Ordinance 14-03 requires that all burglar alarm users obtain a Police-Response permit from the Alarm Administrator in order to send the Roswell police to check an activated alarm. 


Alarm Permit fees:  Click here


False Alarm fines:  Click here


If you need a police-response permit or have questions about the Roswell Alarm Ordinance, call the Alarm Administrator, Richard D. Lucero at 575-622-7233 or at 575-420-1369 or 575-624-6770 ext. 118.


426 N. Main St.
Roswell, NM 88201
Emergency dial 911
575-622-SAFE (7233)



Richard Lucero
Neighborhood Watch Advisor
Cell 575-420-1369



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