Lodgers' Tax/Special Events

The purpose of the Lodgers' Tax Event Use policy is to provide a fair, equitable, and uniform funding process to organizations in the City of Roswell and to provide procedures to apply for and receive funding towards groups, events, services, and programs that benefit the Roswell community.

Lodgers' Tax funding is available to assist with the cost of advertising, publicizing, and promoting tourist related events. Lodgers' Tax funding is not available to fund, establish, or host an event or to pay for operational or administrative costs, including entertainment.

Please refer to our Lodgers' Tax policy for Application Process, Eligible Expenses, Applicant Requirements, and Reimbursement Process.

Event/Financial Report, Financial Statement, and Summary Report

Occupancy Tax Board
Jim Fielding, Chair
Josh Ragsdale
Jill Cleveland
Roxanne Slayton
Kerry Moore

Any questions that you may have regarding the Lodgers' Tax policy please contact Allison Gray, Tourism and Event Manager at a.gray@roswell-nm.gov

Special Events Applications