Lorene Johnson Gratton Workshops

Lorene Johnson Gratton, a long-time museum member, bequeathed funding to the RMAC Foundation for annual workshops with professional artists in the areas of drawing, painting, printmaking or sculpture.The workshops are open to both paying students and those with a financial need who require a scholarship to participate. Based on need, students may take the workshop free of charge or pay up to the suggested donation of $125. This year, in conjunction with the exhibition Roswell at 50: Beyond the Gift of Time, former Roswell Artists-in-Residence Daisy Craddock and Clayton Merrell will travel to Roswell to lead two workshops.  All supplies are provided for students to then take home and continue their practice. The workshops are open to all levels. Some previous drawing and/or painting experience is helpful. 
Daisy Craddock

Working with Oil Pastels and Oil Sticks

Artist Daisy Craddock shares her insights and enthusiasm for drawing with oil pastels and oil sticks. You’ll start with some basics to get a feel for the materials. Exercises for both beginners and more experienced artists will explore a range of techniques and review the fundamental drawing skills of line, color and value. You will explore composition and techniques in a walk-through of the museum’s exhibitions followed by creating your oil pastel studies in the classroom on the first day. Learn about under painting with watercolor or acrylics as you work to achieve a finished oil pastel drawing, whether from life, a photo or other reference on the second day of the workshop.

Instructor: Daisy Craddock
Saturday, February 24: 9 am - 4 pm
Sunday, February 25: 1 pm - 4 pm
Age/Skill Level: Adult, Beginner to Advanced
Suggested donation $125


Exploring Egg Tempera

In this workshop, students will learn the essentials of egg tempera painting, and discover how this ancient technique can be a flexible, expressive and easily accessible medium to paint with today.  Workshop participants will learn historically authentic methods, including making traditional rabbit-skin glue gesso, making egg tempera paints from dry pigments, and color layering & cross-hatching techniques from various eras. We will then expand on those techniques to experiment with ways that egg tempera can be used in more direct, expressive and experimental ways.  By painting a small practice panel on day one and them making a finished egg tempera painting on day two, students will learn about the unique characteristics and uses of various pigments, and become comfortable with the wide variety of ways that this flexible and beautiful painting medium can be used.

Instructor: Clayton Merrell
Saturday, March 24: 9 am -4 pm
Sunday, March 25: 1 pm - 4 pm
Age/Skill Level: Adult, Beginner to Advanced
Suggested donation $125