Staff Favorites

April 14 - May 13, 2018
Spring River Gallery

Visitors to the Roswell Museum and Art Center all have their favorite works in the collection. Whether it’s Ram’s Skull with Brown Leaves by Georgia O’ Keeffe, the rare Naskapi coat in the Aston Collection of the American West, or the vintage equipment in the Goddard workshop, we all have objects that we love to visit again and again. Have you ever wondered, however, which pieces the staff like the most? As the people who get to work with this collection every day, which treasures from the vaults do we especially enjoy, and why? 

To find the answers to these questions, be sure to check out Staff Favorites. On view only from mid-April to early June, this mini-exhibition explores the permanent collection from the perspective of the museum’s talented curatorial team. Each participating co-curator will select one to two pieces for display, while accompanying text labels will explain their reasons for choosing the pieces on view, whether their interests are historical, personal or aesthetic. Each staff member will also describe his or her role at the Roswell Museum, inviting visitors to learn more about how museums operate. This show will reflect both the diversity of the collection and the different interests of the Museum’s staff. So get ready for some new takes on the collection while learning more about the talented people who work here. 
Between Here and Santa Fe_small
Elmer Schooley, Between Here and Santa Fe, n.d., oil on canvas, 60 x 72 in. Gift of the Artist in Memory of Pat Bassett, 1995.016.0001