Life Along the Rio Grande

December 1, 2018 - January 27, 2019
Opening Reception: Saturday, December 1, 4- 6:30 pm

(During our Holiday Open House)
Gallery Talk at 4 pm
Spring River Gallery

Quilting has become an increasingly diverse and prominent art form since the late twentieth century. What was once considered primarily a craft, is rightfully being appreciated as an art form, with artists creating a diverse range of works. From naturalistic, pictorial quilts to expressive, nonobjective works, quilts have become as diverse as the contemporary art world itself, reflecting new and different ideas as more people contribute to its ongoing development as art.

Organized by Studio Art Quilt Associates, this exhibition highlights contemporary art quilting in the Southwest. Taking inspiration from the theme, “Life Along the Rio Grande,” the final selections include digital, thread painting, hand painting, printing and sculptural work.  Some pieces express a political or environmental message, while others exemplify beauty and craftsmanship.  There are bright, luminescent and bold works, juxtaposed with others exuding subtlety and quietness. What all of these works share, however, is a love of both the Southwest and of quilting as an art form.

Young_Inthe Beginning