RAiR: Anne Muntges: Consuming Moment

Drawing is Anne Muntges’ key to understanding the world she lives in – urban landscapes filled with concrete, buildings and bursts of manicured green. She captures the evidence of people in the places they occupy by drawing the artifacts they leave behind, from discarded signs and manhandled objects to spray-painted opinions. Her images are real moments, sometimes fractured and altered, caught quickly in snapshot. They focus on words that are handwritten, carved and sometimes printed. The marks we leave in the world tell a rich story of who we are and how we existed. Her drawings help her to understand that and freeze them for a moment.

Muntges works in different mediums, but focuses on graphite, charcoal and pen on paper or wood panel. Her work ebbs between traditional drawing and immersive installations. She lets the direction of the images dictate the material so that each piece is a unique experience.
Muntges studied at the Kansas City Art Institute and earned her BFA in printmaking in 2005 and at the University at Buffalo where she earned her MFA in printmaking in 2008. Based in Brooklyn, her work focuses primarily on highly detailed drawing, prints and installation. She has been exhibited at the New York Foundation for the Arts, the Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art in Chicago, the Burchfield Penney Art Center in Buffalo and many other spaces nationally. Most recently her work was on view in the exhibition Drawn In, at the Children’s Museum of the Arts in Manhattan. Her work is in many collections, and she has been awarded several residencies and fellowships.
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