How to Get a Library Card

Any resident or property owner of City of Roswell, Chaves County, or a nonresident who has a valid Library card from their New Mexico community library may apply for and receive a Roswell Public Library card by meeting the following guidelines.

  1. Have a clear record in respect to fines or fees.
  2. Establish identity and verify current address
    • Proof of Identification may be any of the following:
      • Birth certificate
      • State Identification card
      • Valid driver's license
      • Voter registration
      • Military identification
      • Passport
      • State or city employee identification card
      • School identification card
    • Acceptable proofs of address include 
      • Utility bills
      • Rent receipts
      • Car registrations
      • Printed check or letter addressed to the applicant and cancelled within the last month at the post office
      • Any proof of identification that shows a current address.
  3. Children under the age of 14 must have a parent or legal guardian sign the application and show proof of address.
  4. Applications from students on school tours will be processed if:
    • The application is signed by the student's parents.
    • The applicant address is verified by a teacher, school or supervising organization.