Animal Services

Animal Services works to ensure the wellbeing of both animals and residents of the community by delivering professional, high-quality, responsive and cost-effective animal control services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, Animal Services plays an important role by providing citizens and rescue groups an opportunity for adoptions and reclaims of dogs and cats. 

After hours, weekend calls and emergency calls are dispatched through the Roswell Police Department at 575-624-6770. 
Animal Services is overseen by the city's Parks Department. 
Animal Control Building Sign


There are plenty of dogs and cats ready for a new home with a loving owner. The various animals available for adoption may be viewed in the kennel area each day beginning at 10 a.m. until the shelter closes for the day. You can view an online list of adoptable animals here and enter specific search criteria for the type of dog or cat you may be interested in. You can also find information and photos about the latest animals available for adoption on the Roswell Animal Services Facebook page here. Regarding additional adoption information and questions, email Megen Telles, Kennel Manager or call at 575-624-6722.

> Adoptions cost $1 for any animal in the facility.
> Those adopting an animal under 6 months of age must have the animal spayed or neutered and pay for rabies vaccination and a microchip. (Please note, the animal designation of "registered" only applies to reclaims, not adoptions.)
> Approved animal rescue organizations can "pull" an animal on the fifth day after the animal arrives at the shelter.
> For pet owners, the fee to reclaim an animal is $40 (an additional $20 per occurrence) and the owner is required to have the animal spayed or neutered (unless it is AKC or UKC registered) and provide a rabies vaccination and microchip. 

  1. Joseph Pacheco

    Animal Services Supervisor

  2. Megen Telles

    Kennel Manager

  3. Animal Services / Animal Shelter

    Physical Address
    705 E McGaffey Street
    Roswell, NM 88201

    Mailing Address

    Roswell, NM 88201

    Phone: 575-624-6722
    Fax: 575-624-6818

    Monday - Friday
    8 a.m. - 6 p.m.

    Saturday & Sunday
    8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

optable Dogs

PhotoTag/ Imp#BreedGenderColor
Kennel #
Adoptable Date
Photo of dog available to adoptImp #20981Lab MixMale Black and WhiteKennel 24/25/2020
Photo of dog available to adoptImp #20966Pitbull MixMaleBlack and WhiteKennel 44/24/2020
Photo of dog available to adoptImp #21005HuskyMaleTri-coloredKennel 244/26/2020

Imp #20840Pitbull MixFemaleBrindle and WhiteKennel 29Currently available 

Imp #20793Pitbull MixFemaleBlackKennel 30Currently available 

Imp #20874Rottweiler MixMaleTri-coloredKennel 36Currently available
Photo of dog available to adoptImp #20790PitbullMaleBlack and WhiteKennel 37Currently available

Imp #20875Shepard MixFemaleBlack and TanKennel 39Currently available

Imp #20769Pitbull MixFemaleTan and WhiteKennel 42Currently available

Imp #20833PitbullFemaleBrindle and WhiteKennel 44Currently available

Imp #20608Lab mixMaleBlack and WhiteKennel 47Currently available

Imp #20749Lab MixMaleBlack and WhiteKennel 53Currently available

Imp #21006Rottweiler MixFemaleBlack and BrownKennel 544/26/2020

Imp #20489Pitbull MixMaleGray and WhiteKennel 55Currently available

Imp #20834PitbullMaleGray and WhiteKennel 60Currently available

Imp #20836Shepard MixFemaleTri-coloredKennel 64Currently available

Imp #20843PitbullMaleTan and WhiteKennel 65Currently available

Imp #20607Lab MixMaleBlack and WhiteKennel 67Currently available

Imp #21011Chihuahua
MaleTanKennel PR14/26/2020

Adoptable Cats

PictureTag/ Imp #AppearanceKennel #Adoptable Date