"Napkin Finance" - Tina Hay

“Napkin Finance” by Tina Hay is based on the concept of taking anxiety-inducing topics such as compound interest, credit scores, taxes, business plans, debt, college loans, IRA vs. 401(k), estate planning, and showing you how to “build your wealth in 30 seconds or less” using an illustrated guide that makes finance fun and accessible to everyone.

Hay’s book explains how to use the magic of compound interest to make even the smallest amount of money deliver surprising results. (You’ll want to check out the trick question on page 2, get your penny out, and start saving!)

As founder and CEO of Napkin Finance, Tina Hay wanted an education platform that empowers all people to make better financial decisions. Utilizing the resources and tools in “Napkin Finance,” everyone can feel confident about their choices and begin to build on their futures as soon as they pick up this informative book. Simple illustrations that fit on the back of a napkin accompany each topic, along with infographics and articles. Along with the serious information comes fun facts such as: “In Kansas, riding a hot air balloon that’s tethered to the ground is subject to an amusement tax. If it’s not tethered, then it is considered a form of transportation and your ride is tax-free.”

Once you’re on the right track to creating financial longevity, you might also want to find ways to extend your physical and mental well-being by reading “The Blue Zones Kitchen” which has “100 recipes to live to 100.” With recipes inspired by the five locations around the world where people live the longest, New York Times bestselling author Dan Buettner, after extended, careful research, assures us that this cookbook will change lives for the better.

Fifteen years ago, Buettner began a project to reverse-engineer a formula for longevity. Identifying the areas with the highest percentages of centenarians, he proceeded to investigate the reasons behind these amazing health instances. Some of the findings were simply the fact that these people are not inundated with all the mechanical and electronic gadgets that exist today, they walk more often, have a solid sense of purpose in their lives, and tend to compose their meals of simple, fresh, plant-based ingredients, eating less meat and fish.

Blue zone areas are mapped out with recipes and explanations as to why these particular foods or habits are so vital to our everyday health. Stressing the simplicity of the food and the fact that most of the ingredients are cheap, (thereby destroying the myth that you need to be rich to be healthy) he encourages all that wish to live healthier, more productive lives to check out this book. “Napkin Finance” can be found under 332.02 and “The Blue Zones Kitchen” is under 641.56 in Adult Non-Fiction.

-Debra, Roswell Public Library, New Mexico