Test Prep Books

Normally at this time of year, I would be writing a review on a diet or health book to try to give everyone a head start on completing any New Year’s resolutions they may have made. But this time around, I am going to cover some great resources that we have available at the Roswell Public Library that can help everyone year-round.

No matter where you are in your life, you might need to prepare yourself for new challenges, whether you are just graduating high school and trying to get into college, or looking to go into a new profession. In many of these transitions, you will be tested on your skills to see if you can handle these new challenges. If you are moving on from high school you might want to take the ACT or SAT college entrance exams. We have up-to-date test preparation books here at the library to help you study for these tests. We also have a wide variety of test preparation books that will help you prepare for job or certification examinations. These include tests like the Corrections Officer Examination, Postal Exam and books on the Registered Nursing Examinations (NCLEX).

In addition to these guides, we have books and online resources to help you get your driver’s license or your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). Through the library’s website under the Databases section, patrons have access to New Mexico Driver’s Education and Manuals through a partnership with driving-tests.org. This database provides access to not only the state manuals for these tests, but a range of online practice tests including the CDL and motorcycle tests that they can use to prep themselves for the examinations. These online practice tests are available in Spanish, too.

For many positions in today’s work environment you may be required to take online certification tests on food preparation or alcohol service. For those that do not have access to a computer and the internet to take these online classes and tests, you can always come to the library and use our public computers. In many cases, we have seen these before and can offer some help in getting you logged in so you can complete these tests.

So, no matter what your needs are for life transitions, everyone at the Roswell Public Library will work on helping you as much as we can to prepare for any new challenges you are taking on.

-Matthew, Roswell Public Library, New Mexico