"The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up" - Marie Kondo & "What's a Disorganized Person To Do?" - Stacey Platt

With New Year resolutions just taking place, many people are looking to get more organized or it may just be an ongoing struggle. The “Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” recently premiered as a series on Netflix and the Roswell Public Library has the book by Marie Kondo that the show is based on available in Large Print and even Spanish, as well as her follow-up book “Spark Joy”.

If you’re looking to try a few different methods, the library has other titles that might be of interest, too. Mary Lambert was inspired by a journalist who was determined to pare his material possessions down to 100 items over the course of a year and others who took on even more difficult challenges. In “Living with Less: How to Downsize to 100 Personal Possessions”, she lays down the perfect workbook for sifting through your home and needs to determine how much excess can really be discarded. Sectioned by uses and rooms, this how-to is broken down into easy navigable checklists, goals, timelines, tips, personal experiences and case studies. She lays out great information here, some you may have heard before, but having it all condensed into this minimal (!) book will make your down-sizing experience even easier.

“What’s a Disorganized Person To Do? 317 Ideas, Tips, Projects, and Lists to Unclutter Your Home and Streamline Your Life” by Stacey Platt, a professional organizer, is another helpful guide. You can trust this book right from the start, since it’s already organized with colored tabs separating out the different parts of the home to work on breaking them down into more easily manageable segments. If you’re looking to keep a lot more than the one hundred items talked about in the previous book, this book will help you find or create the places to store them and consolidate your items into just the right spaces.

The solutions here are simple, doable and practical and you get even more than the 317 ideas listed, because there are also quick tips interspersed throughout, such as using a shoe rack on the back of a closet door to keep other things like baseball caps, umbrellas, gloves and scarves. Kondo’s book can be found in Adult Nonfiction under call number 648 K836L and Platt’s under call number 648.5 P697W.

-Amanda, Roswell Public Library, New Mexico