About the Zoo

Service and Mission

Spring River Zoo works to enrich the lives of Roswell residents through exposure to wildlife and educational programs and events. The Zoo serves not only the public, but tourist from around the world.  Spring River Zoo drives curiosity, fosters a love of animals, and environmental conservation. Staff work to keep animals healthy and improve their quality of life through enrichment activities.  Staff develops new and inventive programming that serves residents, tourists and students with intimate educational experience as well as producing fundraisers that support an offset operational cost to bring the master plan to fruition. 

Zoo Areas

Roswell has a wonderful park and modern small zoo at Spring River Zoo covering about 34 acres of parkland with five main zoo areas located on the grounds. These areas include:

  • Capitan Trail
  • Children’s Zoo Area
  • Ranching Heritage Exhibit
  • Visitor service area with the concessions, miniature train and carousel                                                                  

Capitan Trail

The Capitan Trail begins in the river bottoms in which several of our small native animals are showcased including foxes and raccoons.

Further along is the plains exhibit with bison, deer and audad. The Coyote Country and Wolf Woods can be seen across from where the deer and the antelope play!

The trail ends in the Mountain Habitats where the mountain lion and black bears can be found.

Photo of Capitan Trail Zoo Area

Children’s Zoo

The Children’s Zoo features a variety of animals that are child friendly including lemurs, pygmy goats and boer goats. This area of the zoo features our most photogenic bunch, our lemurs! On a regular visit animal encounters are not scheduled. When visitors book a private tour an animal encounter is scheduled.

Photo of Children's Zoo Area

Ranch Area

The ranch area has Texas longhorns and miniature horses. The replicated ranch house façade has many of the types of plants and flowers our grandmothers planted around the ranch houses at the turn of the century.

Photo at Spring River Zoo

Carousel and Train

 Unique to our park is the antique wooden horse carousel located in the heart of the park. This rare treasure is one of about a 158  left in the country and features hand carved horses from various artisans.

The miniature train was added in 1976 to give rides around the park and has become a popular tradition for many guests.

Both attractions are open seasonally (Easter weekend-September 30) and only for private parties during the off season (October-Easter weekend).

Photo at Spring River Zoo Carousel