Short Term Rentals

About Short-term Rentals

Short-term rentals are accommodations available for rent for a period ranging from 1 day and beyond. Hosts should obtain a license in order to offer a short-term rental (STR) in their primary residence, meaning the place in which a person's habitation is fixed for the term of the license and is the person's usual place of return. Learn more about the Short-Term Rental Application process and download the linked form to register your short-term rental property. 

Registering your Short-term Rental

The registration process is as follows:

1. Register your short-term rental property at the City of Roswell. Fill out the Lodgers’ Tax collection form and short term contact information. Form found here. Pay the non-refundable short-term rental registration fee of $35.

2. Property owner shall provide proof of General Commercial Liability Insurance.

3. If your short-term rental is approved, we will send an approval letter to the property owner or managing agency that includes the STR number, which will be assigned exclusively to your property.

4. Bring your approval letter to the City of Roswell and apply for your business license, there is a separate fee that must be paid. After obtaining your business license, your short term rental will be in compliance.

Please note that if approved, you will have to renew your short-term rental annually. If you have any questions, please contact Juanita Jennings at 575-637-6203 or

Short-term Rental Key Rules:

  • Personal Availability – Each short-term residential rental shall have a local contact person that shall be available seven (7) days per week, twenty-four (24) hours per day to respond to public safety calls, nuisances, or other complaints regarding the use, condition, operations, or conduct of occupants on the premises. The local contact person shall respond within one (1) hour to satisfactorily correct any alleged nuisance or violation of the City of Roswell Municipal Code.
  • Accessory Dwelling Units – ADUs may not be used as separate short-term rentals. They have the same limitations as the primary residence.
  • Additional Regulations – Additional rules regarding local contact person, parking and special events are available on the short-term rental guidelines and City of Roswell Municipal Code.
  • Rental Permit Required – All short-term rentals must have short-term residential rental permits registered with the City, which shall be renewed annually. 
  • Business License Required – All short-term rentals must have a registered business licenses with the City, which shall be renewed annually. Building inspection is required prior to approval of business license.
  • Lodgers’ Tax – Hosts shall remit Lodgers’ Tax monthly to the City in the amount of 5% of the nightly rate for each rental night. Upon registration, instructions for Lodgers’ Tax remittance will be provided.
  • HOA Pre-Approval – All properties that belong to an HOA (common interest development) must obtain prior approval from the HOA before registering as a short-term rental.