Cleanups and Litter Reduction

Call for Cleanups with free clean up supplies available from Keep Roswell BeautifulCleanup Supplies for Community Cleanups

Keep Roswell Beautiful assists individuals or groups in the community by offering free cleanup supplies for their community cleanup project. If you would like to organize a community cleanup and want to request supplies, please complete the Cleanup Supplies Request Form. You can also contact KRB Program Coordinator for questions or more information.

Clean and Beautiful To-Go Cart

The "Clean and Beautiful To-Go Cart" is now stocked andInterior of a trailer with cleanup supplies in tubs and cleanup tools strapped to walls of trailer. ready for use. This is a trailer that holds cleanup supplies. Groups who want to do a community cleanup can request the trailer be parked in that area and they can use all the cleanup supplies inside the trailer, for free, then the trailer will be picked up afterward. The supplies in the trailer include trash grabbers, trash bags, gloves, safety vests, brooms, leaf scoops, shovel, rake, and more! The “Clean and Beautiful To-Go Cart” is a resource that can make it easier for groups to do community cleanups by having supplies brought to the area of the cleanup and picked up afterward. (Note: Groups use supplies only, not the trailer they are stored in.)

For questions, comments, or information about any of the KRB projects or resources, contact KRB Program Coordinator, Kathy Lay at 575-500-0395.Trailer that is parked in Pioneer Plaza. It has the Clean and Beautiful To-Go Cart logo wrap.

Empowering Youth Cleanup Fundraiser 

KRB is looking for local youth groups who want to raise funds and make a positive difference by cleaning up a public area in Roswell.

Group of youth standing in a park, holding trash grabbers and trash bags for a cleanup project.Thanks to the New Mexico Tourism Department's Clean and Beautiful Grant program, the KRB Empowering Youth Cleanup can provide $400 for a youth-organization.

  • The group must be comprised of at least 10 people ages 11-25
  • A form, available through KRB, must be filled out in advance.
  • A two-hour cleanup must be performed on an approved public area.
  • KRB will provide cleanup supplies, as well.

To get more information, contact Kathy Lay at 575-500-0395 or

Program will be offered while grant funding is available.

KRB Fall Community Cleanup 

The 2023 Fall Community Cleanup is scheduled for October 21st from 8:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.. Mark your calendar now to save the date. 

Keep Roswell Beautiful and the Hispano Chamber of Commerce are inviting volunteers to help clean up Roswell. The target location for this year will be the area around Carpenter Park and the wide grassy shoulder of SE Main Street along the Cemetery fence.
KRB will provide free cleanup supplies like gloves, trash bags, trash grabbers and safety vests, thanks to the NM Tourism Clean & Beautiful Grant. Volunteers can sign-in and pick up or return cleanup supplies between 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. at Carpenter Park located on 1631 SE Main Street (Park address is 300 E Buena Vista).
There will be special incentives for volunteers, like KRB Volunteer T-shirts, LED bulbs donated by Xcel Energy, reusable car trash containers donated by NMDOT District 2, reusable KRB shopping totes, and MORE! We will add additional details on the KRB Facebook page about volunteer incentives closer to the event.
If you have questions, message us on our KRB Facebook page or call City Hall at 575-637-6200 and ask to speak with Keep Roswell Beautiful program coordinator, Kathy Lay.

People standing by the Keep Roswell Beautiful table of supplies at the Fall Community cleanup.

Litter Prevention Campaigns

The background is made up of blurry green foliage. An elk head and next is seen on the right side of the image, with head lifted and mouth open. A green speech-bubble with white text is coming from the mouth of the elk that says, "No one wants to see your butts." The white text below encourages people to dispose of cigarette butts properly and has the KRB url with No Butts 4 Me hashtag. The KRB logo is at the bottom right of the image.


The KRB 2022 litter prevention campaign targeted the most littered item in the world, in the US, and in New Mexico - cigarette butts. They are not just wood (paper) and leaves (tobacco). The filter is plastic and filled with thousands of chemicals, hundreds of which are toxic. They are harmful and can kill wildlife and fish. If animals could talk, they would tell us #NoButts4Me. 

If you are a smoker, keep a small jar under your car seat to dispose of cigarette butts. 

Take it one step farther by joining the effort to recycle cigarette butts. Put the collected cigarette butts in a zip bag, toss it in a mailer, and use the free shipping label from Terracycle to send them to be recycled. Learn more about the program and sign up to participate here:

Image of a tree with a face. The Keep Roswell Beautiful logo is in the upper left corner.


The KRB 2023 litter prevention campaign used the "watching eyes effect" to help encourage people visiting Roswell parks to #LeafNoLitter behind. KRB installed signs in the parks and put faces on over 40 trees through Roswell. Visit our Litter Prevention Campaign page for full details and links to the #LeafNoLitter videos.

Upper Pecos Watershed Annual River Cleanup

Upper Pecos Watershed Association Annual River Cleanup

Dates and information will be shared once plans are finalized.