January 2 – May 30, 2021
Entry Gallery

Whether they're big or small, fuzzy or scaly, artists love to paint and sculpt animals. They might be pets, like Howard Cook’s comical sketches of his dog Blackie, or they might be wild animals like the majestic pronghorns that K. Gunnor Petersen captured in pastels. Even common creatures like rats, and exotic animals like elephants get the artistic treatment in tar, paper, and wire, and wood respectively.

This exhibit showcases the diversity of the natural world, as well as the diversity of artistic approaches that can be used to document it. From birds and bugs to fish and mammals, Animals! is a lighthearted show that everyone in the family can enjoy.

RMAC_1996_003_0021_for web

Louie Ewing, Horse Play, n.d., color serigraph on paper, Gift of Carl C. Ewing. 1996.003.0021