Raise a Super Reader

  1. Overview
  2. GOAL
  3. How It Works
  4. Prizes
  5. How to Sign Up

What is The Super Reader Program?

The Super Reader program is designed for children between the ages of pre-school and third grade. Through research conducted in the report, Becoming a Nation of Readers: A Report by The Commission of Reading, we understand that the best way to prepare a child for success in reading is to read to them. The Super Reader program is designed to encourage parents to read aloud to their children.

Why Should I Raise a Super Reader?

The Super Reader program is intended to ensure children go to school prepared to learn. The program is based on early childhood research that embraces the idea that parents are a child’s first teacher. The program encourages children to reach milestones in child development in the following areas:

  • cognition and general knowledge
  • social and emotional development
  • approaches to learning
  • language and literacy skills