Illegal Dumping

Illegal dumping is a crime.
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What is Illegal Dumping?

Illegal dumping is defined as discarding waste in an improper or illegal manner. It occurs when an individual or business discards their waste where it doesn't belong rather than disposing of that waste through proper channels. 

Health & Environmental Risks

  • Direct contact exposure to sharp objects, medical waste, toxic substances (especially a risk for children playing in the areas)
  • Habitat/breeding ground for potential disease-carrying vectors
  • Indirect exposure to toxic chemicals/hazardous waste
  • Drinking water quality issues related to non-point pollution
  • Harmful impact on native wildlife

Aesthetic Costs

  • Offensive sights and smells
  • Negative perceptions of community
  • Negative perceptions of capital investments value by potential new businesses  

Other Costs

  • Public dollars spent using city employees to clean up each mess. 
  • Hours of labor lost as city employees clean up instead of their regular day of maintenance. 

Consequences of Illegal Dumping

Violators found guilty of illegal dumping can face fines of up to $500. Illegal dumping is prohibited by several city ordinances including: Ordinance 16-2 Public Nuisances, generally 16-17 Litter in public places generally, 16-31 Litter of Vacant Lots. 


The Solid Waste Department is continually working to help cut down this problem. 

  1. Drop your waste off at the landfill for FREE, once a month with a current paid City of Roswell water bill. 
  2. Call our landfill and work out a plan to help dispose of your residential and commercial waste. 
  3. Utilize our CleanIt! Form to help report cases of illegal dumping or call Code Enforcement at 575-637-6280.