The Roswell Police Department’s SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) Team is composed of RPD members from the department's various divisions. They come together as a team to train for and respond to high-risk situations. While seeing most of its action during incidents being handled by RPD, the SWAT team is also available to other local, regional, state or federal law enforcement agencies if the need arises.
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SWAT Situations

The SWAT team can be mobilized for situations that are expected to be potentially violent or call for a specialized response. Those situations can include:
  • Barricaded gunman or suspected barricaded gunman.
  • Armed suspect(s) with hostages, and the rescue of hostages or trapped or injured officers.
  • Arrest of and service of search warrants on potentially violent subjects.
  • Protection of police and firefighter personnel or equipment involved in the suppression of civil disorder.
  • Actual or potential riot situations.
The RPD SWAT Team stands ready to address these situations and any others for which the team's specialized training and equipment can be employed to resolve the incident with a minimum amount of risk to the community and the responding law enforcement officers.