Litter Prevention Campaigns


In 2022, Keep Roswell Beautiful embarked on a mission to educate residents about the dangers cigarette butts presented to area wildlife.

The campaign reached Roswell residents through billboards, online videos and ballot bins that encouraged residents to "vote with their butts" instead of tossing them in the street.

According to a 2009 study by the University of California-San Francisco, cigarette filters are non-biodegradable and can leach more than 4,000 chemicals into soil and water. One cigarette butt per liter of water kills about half of the fish.

The campaign is not critical of smoking itself, but its goal is to educate on the dangers of improperly disposing of cigarette butts.

Word of the campaign started with the Roswell Daily Record, and the news traveled as far as Uganda after it was picked up by the Associated Press.

How to help

If you are a smoker, keep a small jar under your car seat to dispose of cigarette butts. Take it one step farther by joining the effort to recycle cigarette butts. Put the collected cigarette butts in a zip bag, toss it in a mailer, and use the free shipping label from Terracycle to send them to be recycled. Learn more about the program and sign up to participate here:

If animals could talk they would say no butts for me. Dispose of cigarette butts properly.

Image of a tree with a face. The Keep Roswell Beautiful logo is in the upper left corner. The Leaf No Litter hashtag is along the bottom on a white band, with the Roswell logo on the right of the white band. There is white text in the middle that says, "Nature is watching you!"


Keep Roswell Beautiful launched yet another VERY unusual litter prevention campaign. Last year KRB used talking animals and cigarette butt voting bins for their #NoButts4Me campaign to remind people to dispose of cigarette butts properly. It made news nation-wide and even was in newspapers as far as Uganda! 

For 2023 KRB utilized information from psychological studies of the 'watching eyes effect' as inspiration for a new, and slightly strange, litter prevention campaign. KRB put faces on trees to remind people that, "Nature is watching you!" and to ask people to #LeafNoLitter. The campaign used talking trees spouting tree-puns in videos, along with a billboard, signs in parks, and literal faces on 42 trees throughout the City to reinforce the sense that we are being watched... by nature. Litter and trash harms nature and because we are part of nature, it harms us. KRB is hoping that the watching eyes in the trees and on signs will mean more people #LeafNoLitter and dispose of their trash properly.

Watch the KRQE news story about the #LeafNoLitter campaign here.


Check out the outreach videos created by the city's Public Affairs Department, which is home to the Keep Roswell Beautiful program.

#NoButts4Me videos feature animals and what they would say if they could talk.

#LeafNoLitter videos focus what nature is trying to say, thanks to the talking trees.