The Engineering Department provides engineering services to improve and maintain the city's infrastructure and facilities — efficiently utilizing the available financial and staffing resources. Some examples of these services are:
  • Project planning
  • Engineering
  • Traffic operations
  • Project management
  • Operational support for civil and architectural services

Project Planning

Project planning includes the design of:
  • Roadways
  • Traffic signal systems
  • Storm drains
  • Water lines
  • Sanitary sewer lines
Smaller projects are designed in-house. The design of larger civil and architectural projects are done by qualified engineering firms, selected per procurement protocol.

Engineering Services

Engineering services include the daily management and operation of the city's traffic signals, street lights and other traffic control devices. The Engineering Department also provides technical support to any City department.

Project Management

Project management includes the daily supervision of construction activities, the testing needed to ensure compliance with the plans and specifications and City Design Standards. Administration of the projects is to provide adequate documentation and proper audit tracking.

Flood Plain Inquiries

The Engineering Department is also responsible for Flood Plain inquiries and similar matters. The City of Roswell's Flood Plain Manager is Jim Thomas.

Architectural Design & Construction Management

The architectural design and construction management of these types of project is assigned to Construction Manager, Kevin Dillon.


The Public Works Specifications Ordinance number 05-01 (PDF) provides specifications of work done in or on public rights-of-way.