Community Development Services

The mission of the Community Development Department is to provide for the highest quality of life for the city's residents by employing the best principles and practices for land development, affordable housing provision, and appropriate building design in order to preserve our unique community character, while providing excellence in customer service with honesty, integrity, foresight, compassion, fairness and transparency as we seek to create a sustainable environment for future generations.

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500 N. Main Street, Suite 100. Enter from the westside (red circle) for Community Development Services.

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City of Roswell Plans

City of Roswell Affordable Housing Plan
Comprehensive Master Plan
Railroad District Metropolitan Redevelopment Area Plan 

Planning and Zoning Division Services

The Planning and Zoning Division is involved in myriad services from initial development review procedures to long-range planning activities. 

Are you thinking about replacing your fence, installing a storage shed, building a carport, or widening your driveway? If so, and you live in the city, you likely need to obtain a permit. Please learn more about when a permit is required

Information about permitting and other requirements for specific projects is available in the following articles of the Community Development "Proper Permitting and Planning" series.

Residential Permits

Take a full look at the available permits for residential uses and to download the right forms by following this link to Residential Permits. For more building permits continue to scroll. 

Permits relative to restaurant seating during pandemic restrictions

Temporary Outdoor Use Area Permit

Placement Permit for Accessory Structure

Planning & Zoning Commission

View Most Recent Agendas and Minutes

Please feel free to contact the Planning & Zoning Division about any application submissions prior to doing so if you have any questions.

Code Enforcement Division

The Code Enforcement Division works to ensure Roswell remains a desirable place to live and do business by enforcing city codes that promote the health, safety and welfare of all citizens.

What is Code Enforcement?

Code Enforcement officers work with residents, businesses and other organizations to:

  • Empower our community through education and awareness of city ordinances
  • Facilitate compliance with city ordinances
  • Develop outreach programs
  • Initiate special programs targeting specific problems

Enforcement includes ordinances dealing with:

  • Inoperable vehicles
  • Nuisances
  • Obstruction of streets and sidewalks
  • Littering
  • Recreational vehicles

Information on these and other topics can be found in the city ordinances. Citizens can report potential violations by calling 575-637-6280.

Notice of Potential Code Violation Form

Building Inspection Division

The Building Division is charged with ensuring construction is done appropriately and to the International Building Code. The Building Division issues permits for Building, Electrical, Plumbing/Mechanical, Homeowner Plumbing, and Re-roofing. These applications are available below.