Solid Waste

Things to Know

Infographic on the information to know about Solid Waste
  • Alley trash containers are shared by four residences.

    Two on one side of the alley and two on the other side. Alley containers may not be moved by anyone other than a sanitation worker
  • Curbside containers must be placed outside before 5 a.m. on the day of pickup.

    The ninety gallon containers can be placed outside the night before or the morning of pickup, as long as it is ready for pick up by 5 a.m. Containers should be placed by the curb away from any and all obstacles.
  • It is your legal responsibility to properly dispose of waste material.

    By City Ordinance Chapter 21 Article I Section 21-4 and Article II Section 21-11, contractors, remodelers, landscapers, tree trimmers, etc are responsible for disposing waste at the landfill. Waste material must not be left in an alley or vacant lot. Homeowners will assume responsibility to confirm that the hired contractors properly manage waste items.
  • Limbs and other large items must be placed away from fences, gas meters, utility lines and poles.

    No items shall be placed on top of manhole covers. All materials must be placed behind the resident's property lines and not against the containers. Large items will be picked up according to the grappler truck schedule.   

Do's & Don'ts of Trash Collecting


 Infographic on the Dos and Don'ts of Solid Waste


  • Bag it.

    All trash and animal feces must be bagged before it is placed inside a container. This helps reduce bad odors and litter if the dumpster is tipped over. 
  • Keep the alley clear.

    Any limbs encroaching the alleyway must be trimmed back to the fence or property line by the property owner.
  • Face alley containers toward the alley.

    In order to be emptied properly, containers must face the inside of the alley. Containers must be kept upright at all times.


  • Place flammable materials in any container.

    Flammable materials such as oil, gasoline or paints shall not be placed in any type of trash container. These items are accepted at the landfill, free of charge, all items must be clearly labeled.
  • Leave large boxes that have not been broken down.

    Any box over 3 feet x 3 feet must be cut down before being placed in any type of trash container, including commercial containers.
  • Place tires in any container.

    Tires must be brought to the landfill. They shall not be left for the grappler truck or placed in trash containers.