Registration Fees & Fines

Registration Fees

Fee Type
Fee Amount
Business and residential initial registration and renewal $25
Business and residential renewal if there were no false alarms
to the location in the previous 12 month registration period
No Charge
Senior residential locations (Occupant 62 years old or older) No Charge
Government sites initial registration and renewal No Charge

Alarm Fines

Fine Type
Fine Amount
1st and 2nd false alarms No Charge
3rd false alarm $50
4th through 7th false alarms
8th false alarm
9h or more false alarm (if reinstated) $500
Police response to an unregistered alarmed location                  
Alarm user has 30 days to register the site or be suspended from police response.

View downloadable document versions of alarm permit fees (PDF) and false alarm fines (PDF).