Residential Bulk Service

The City of Roswell Solid Waste Department has temporarily adjusted its process for bulk-trash collection in order to continue the service while dealing with staffing limitations.

Residents are asked to call the department at 575-624-6746 to request a grapple truck come to pick up trash that is too large for standard trash bins. If an employee is not available to answer a call, the caller should leave their name, phone number, and specific address behind which the bulk trash is to be picked up. Residents who call with this information will be placed on a list and grapple trucks will reference the list to conduct trash collection on Wednesdays and Saturdays as staffing and time permit. Collection at a specific address may not necessarily be done the same week a resident calls with a request. The Solid Waste Department appreciates residents’ patience as employees work their way through the list of collection requests.

Residents should place bulk trash just outside their rear residential fence (but at least 12 inches away from the fence) or adjacent to their unfenced property along the alley. 

City ordinance requires residents to compress or break down bulky solid waste into securely-tied bundles no more than four feet long and 50 pounds in weight. Ordinance also requires boxes and similar containers, if not broken down, to be “nested” together by placing smaller boxes inside larger ones. These bundles and nested boxes should not include any loose materials. Another requirement calls for grass clippings and weeds to be placed in plastic bags that are tied shut or cardboard boxes that are taped shut.

City of Roswell residents are reminded they can bring one pickup truckload of trash to the landfill each month for free. The resident must bring their water bill when bringing trash to the landfill for the free drop-off.