The Streets Department employs 21 individuals.

All employees are required to have a CDL (commercial drivers license). Some employees require specialized Herbicide licensing through the New Mexico State Agricultural Department. Other employees positions require MSHA certification and training.


The Streets Department contributes to the quality of life for Roswell citizens by maintaining 364 miles of paved city streets, "open" alleyways, and any other areas entrusted to this department, ensuring quality and safety for our citizens.


The City of Roswell Streets Department duties and works include:
  • Assisting other departments in many diverse projects
  • Demolition of city condemned structures and proper removal of material and debris
  • Determining each year which streets will be a priority for paving or new surfacing based on their deterioration and use
  • Maintaining and installing of all street, traffic, information and warning signs
  • Mowing of city owned right-of-ways, alleys, properties and land
  • Operating and maintaining the city rock crusher
  • Painting of traffic lines, crosswalks and arrows
  • Patching and crack sealing of roadways
  • Responsibilities of road closures and other indirect duties such as street control for city parades, the fair and other special events
  • Roadway debris removal
  • Spray and compliance of weed control for the city right-of-ways
  • Supplying materials such as gravel, fill dirt and road base to projects throughout the city
  • Sweeping and appearance upkeep of streets