Message from the Chief of Police

On behalf of the more than 100 dedicated members of the Roswell Police Department, I would like to welcome you to the Roswell Police Department website.

I am confident our agency will meet challenges with unity and resolve, working side-by-side with our community members, city hall and all interested parties to enhance the quality of life for our community.

Best Possible Service

We are tasked with providing our community the best police service possible. I am optimistic our agency will continue along the path of excellence as we continue to address the needs of our outstanding and diverse community with professionalism and purpose.

As we develop programs, implement technology and take on new initiatives, rest assured our organization regards the city’s residents as its highest priority.


The mission of the Roswell Police Department is to serve our community, engage in partnerships, problem solving and a cooperative mission toward the overall improvement of the quality of life for all Roswell community members, through the protection of life, liberty and property.

Get Involved

I invite all residents to become our partners in making your neighborhoods a great place to live as our community continues to grow and thrive.
Get involved by:
  1. Participating in a Neighborhood Watch group or neighborhood improvement committee
  2. Volunteering at a neighborhood school, youth organization or a service organization
  3. Staying informed and getting involved to meet community needs
  4. Being an observant, caring and considerate neighbor
  5. Reporting any suspicious or unusual activity you see to the police department
The men and women of the Roswell Police Department look forward to meeting any and all challenges while providing our community with unmatched excellence in law enforcement services.

Phil Smith, Chief of Police