Water Production employees are located at Central Control. There are 11 employees and their primary responsibility is the operation and maintenance of the following: 
  • 5 reservoirs
  • 4 pressure regulating stations
  • 20 water wells
This facility is operated around the clock and water production and reservoir levels are continuously monitored.

Quick Facts

  • The City has 26,189 acre feet of water rights available for consumption per year
  • 20,000 acre feet are currently pumped per year
  • There are 3,888 acre feet of water rights in reserve for future needs
  • The last source of water rights would be return flow credit for effluent discharged to the Rio Hondo

Water Maintenance & Transmission Department

The City water distribution employees are located at 300 East Walnut situated on 1.5 acres of land. City water crews maintain approximately 350 miles of water lines ranging in size from 2 inch to 42 inch water mains.

Service Areas

Water Maintenance and Transmission Department provides water services to about 49,000 City residents. Water is also distributed to areas in close proximity to the city limits or where ground water quality may be detrimental to human health.

The City is also connected to the Berrendo Water Cooperative water distribution system. This was done in order to deliver potable water to their customers during emergencies experienced in their system.

Staff Responsibilities

The 25 person staff is responsible for operating and maintaining over 349 miles of water mains, 4,000 fire hydrants, valves, and other fittings needed to provide continuous water service to the customers.

The staff performs the following: 
  • Emergency leak repair
  • Maintenance
  • Provides other support for the operation of the system
  • Responds to complaints
  • Reviews proposed developer plans
  • Updates water distribution maps
  • Water quality monitoring and treatment