Bus Routes Information

Please click below to view or download Roswell Transit's schedule for it's Main Street route.


Roswell Transit operates a regularly scheduled Main Street route seven days a week.  This 85 stop route heads north from the terminal at 515 North Main Street to the Roswell Mall where it crosses over to Walmart and heads south, stopping at the terminal before it proceeds to the Roswell International Air Center and Eastern New Mexico University at which point it turns North back to the terminal.

Roswell Transit provides "dial-a-ride" service Monday through Friday to and from 137 stops around Roswell that are not part of the Main Street route.  If you need a ride from any bus stop that is not on our Main Street route, please call our office at (575) 624-6766. A vehicle operator will be dispatched to your location and will usually arrive within twenty minutes.  For those passengers who need rides from our terminal to one of those 137 stops, a vehicle operator will pick you up here their next opportunity.

Roswell Transit's mission is Connecting People to Places, so if there's a location that you feel should be better served by your bus system, please use the message button on our Facebook page, or send an email to s.furciniti@roswell-nm.gov with information regarding how you normally utilize the system. This information will be kept strictly confidential.

Transit stops

Tips for Catching A Bus

Board the bus at the posted Bus Stop Signs. Buses stop only at posted stops. Make sure you are not out of sight or waiting behind a shelter. All buses are equipped with ramps or wheelchair lifts. Transit stop signs are located at many locations along each route. If you are not sure where your nearest stop is, please call the office at (575) 624-6766. Wait at the sign. When the bus approaches, look straight at the driver so they will know to stop for you.

Tips for Exiting A Bus

Once buses are in motion, they will not board additional passengers. Drivers may not delay their departure from a point to wait for a transferring customer. Please be alert for your destination. Approximately one half block before your stop, signal the driver to let you off. If you are unfamiliar with the area ask the driver to announce your street.

Route Transfers

If you need to transfer to a second bus to complete your trip, ask the driver for a transfer slip (they are free) when you board the first bus. Once you leave the fare box area, the driver can no longer give you a transfer. When boarding your connecting bus, present your transfer driver instead of paying a fare. Transfers cannot used as the return portion of a round trip.

Be sure to let the driver know where you want to get off in time for him to make a safe, smooth stop.

Enjoy your ride!

Schedules and Stops

Schedules and Stops are subject to change to further improve service throughout the community. Watch for RIDER ALERT notices posted at the terminal. For the latest information on schedules, call (575) 624-6766 during regular business hours.

Holiday schedules will be announced. Routes and time table guides are available at the Roswell Transit terminal.