Facilities Maintenance

Facilities Maintenance provides all needed maintenance to city facilities, ensuring citizens can safely and conveniently complete their daily interactions with the city and city employees can go about their duties in an efficient and safe manner.
The Facilities Maintenance Department consists of electricians, plumbers, painters, carpenters and janitorial crew among its employees. 

City Facilities

Facilities Maintenance employees maintain all city facilities and their improvements. A full list of the city facilities can be found here. 

Current Projects 

Facilities teams are currently working on the following projects: 

  • The Carpenter Park Splash Pad
  • The Boys and Girls Club Remodel
  • Spring River Zoo Mountain Lion Exhibit 

2019 Projects 

In 2019 Facilities employees completed a total of 1,612 work orders from 135 sites. Work orders completed ranged from a break room remodel, re-doing flooring, re-touching paint, installing equipment and general building maintenance and fixes. 

Major projects completed in 2019 included: 

  • The Flight Lounge at the Roswell Air Center. 
  • 8 major roof projects and renovations and two smaller scale roof renovations.
  • Elevator modernization in City Hall. 
  • Major facility close-outs. This means they closed out final repairs, adding plaques and touching up paint was completed for the Roswell Convention and Civic Center and the Roswell Recreation and Aquatic Center. Both facilities held their grand openings in 2019. 
  • Electrical and HVAC upgrades to the Main Street Roswell building. 
  • Cat Exhibit ground breaking.