Roswell Recycles

The City of Roswell has designated roll off containers which are customized for recycling. The materials currently being collected in the roll off containers are plastics 1 and 2, aluminum and tin, and paper. Citizens are encouraged to dispose of their recyclables in a responsible manner in the roll off containers issued by the City.

Container Locations

Currently roll off containers for recyclables can be found in the parking areas of:
  • Big 5 - 2801 N Main St
  • Target - 2701 N Main St
  • K-Mart - 1705 S Main St
  • Roswell Mall
  • BLM - 2909 W 2nd St
  • Lawrence Brothers IGA - 900 W 2nd St
  • Farmers Country Market on 800 W Hobbs St
  • National Guard Armory - 1 Earl Cummings Loop
The material is delivered to the Recycling Facility where it is sorted, baled and sent to market. Cardboard and metal are also removed from the waste stream at the landfill.

The Roswell Recycle Center is located at 3100 W Brasher.