Monthly Passes

Monthly Passes are available for all riders. Passes are available in the week before the end of the month. To purchase a pass please visit the Roswell Transit bus station, 515 N Main Street. Acceptable forms of payment include cash, check, money order, or debit/credit card. Pass prices are as follows.

Monthly Pass Prices

  • Adult: (19 - 59 years) Red Pass - $27
  • Student: (with school issued ID) - Green Pass $18
  • Seniors (60 years and older with drivers license or state issued ID) - Blue Pass $12.60
  • US Military Veteran (with proof of service) - Teal Pass $12.60
  • Disabled (with Roswell Transit ID*) - Yellow Pass $12.60
  • Senior, Veteran, and Disabled monthly passes are currently being subsidized by an anonymous donor.  The donor is chipping in $2.60 per pass, so the cost to the passenger is $10. This currently applies exclusively to those classes of monthly pass and NOT toward the purchase of tokens.
  • Roswell Transit laminates Monthly Passes free of charge; other business card-sized items (except for Social Security cards) can be laminated for $1.
  • Passes purchased after the first of the month are NOT prorated.

    To accommodate fixed-income passengers, monthly passes are valid through the third day of the following month.

Monthly Pass Rules

  • All Pass sales are final, no refunds.
  • All reduced fare users must have applicable proof of classification available when they board the bus. Disabled passenger Photo ID cards are available at no charge in the Roswell Transit administration office.

Photo IDs*

Photo ID cards for passengers with disabilities are available at no charge upstairs in the Roswell Transit administration office. In order to obtain a Disabled Passenger photo ID you must provide a copy of a recent Social Security award letter, or a notice from a health care professional stating that you are unable to drive. You must also provide some other form of photo ID. 


Transfers: Transfers are issued Only Upon Request and Only Upon Boarding. They are valid only to complete a one-way trip within the system. Transfers must be presented to the Driver of the bus you are boarding.

Only transfers with the proper code, color and letter of the day will be accepted. Mutilated transfers will not be accepted.