Goddard Planetarium

sunrise over the Milky Way galaxy

The Robert H. Goddard Planetarium is home to a state-of-the-art, full-dome digital theater system with Digistar 6 programming. This immersive experience brings the captivating story of our cosmic origins to life like never before!

Each show includes a full-dome film accompanied by a star presentation. Programs last approximately 45 minutes. To schedule a group visit or to learn more about corporate sponsorship opportunities, please call Jeremy Howe at 575-624-6744. Many thanks to the RMAC Foundation and donors for their support of our programming.

October Films and Show Times

Tuesday - Saturday Screenings
1pm: The Dark Matter Mystery: Exploring a Cosmic Secret
3pm: Sentient
5pm: Universe

Special Screenings
Fridays at 7pm and Second Saturday at 11am: We Are Stars 

The Dark Matter Mystery: Exploring aDark Matter Mystery planetarium show screening Cosmic Secret

What keeps galaxies together? What are the building blocks of the universe? What makes the universe look the way it looks today? Approximately a quarter of the universe is filled with a mysterious glue: Dark Matter. We know it is out there. But we have no idea what it is made of.

Sentient planetarium show screeningSentient

During the 2013 Spring semester at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, students explored the topic of consciousness. In less than 5 months these students collaborated on all aspects of storytelling, concept development, sound design, and fulldome production to create an immersive experience which explores the creative, perceptive, and unexplored mind.

Universe planetarium show screening Universe

An historical look at how we have envisioned the universe though the ages. We visit some of the ancient sites where our ancestors erected great structures with special astronomical significance. Finally we look at the universe through the eyes of today’s scientists and space explorers to experience a spectacular overview of the heavens.

We Are Stars planetarium show screeningWe Are Stars

What are we made of? Where did it all come from? Explore the secrets of our cosmic chemistry, and our explosive origins. Connect life on Earth to the evolution of the Universe by following the formation of hydrogen atoms to the synthesis of carbon, and the molecules for life.