Goddard Planetarium

sunrise over the Milky Way galaxy

The Robert H. Goddard Planetarium is home to a state-of-the-art, full-dome digital theater system with Digistar 6 programming. This immersive experience brings the captivating story of our cosmic origins to life like never before!

Each show includes a full-dome film accompanied by a star presentation. Programs last approximately 45 minutes. To schedule a group visit or to learn more about corporate sponsorship opportunities, please call Jeremy Howe at 575-624-6744. Many thanks to the RMAC Foundation and donors for their support of our programming.

May Films and Show Times

Tuesday - Saturday Screenings
1 p.m.: Moon 2019
3 p.m.: Sizing Up Space
5 p.m.: The Hot and Energetic Universe
Fridays at 7p.m. and Second Saturday at 11a.m.: 
The Incredible Sun/Aurora Storm
Use 11th Street planetarium entrance for Friday evening shows.

Moon 2019: Fulldome Tribute Apollo 11 Mission 

This amazing tribute, dedicated to the Apollo 11 mission, covers the history of the program, the launch, the activity on the moon’s surface and the return to Earth. 

Moon 2019

Sizing Up Space

Sizing Up Space explores the scale of the universe. The show was created by participants of the Blender Production Workshop at the 2009 Mediaglobe Users Group Conference. Most of the participants were modeling and animating with Blender for the very first time.


The Hot and Energetic Universe

High Energy Astrophysics plays a key role in understanding the universe. These radiations reveal the processes in the hot and violent Universe. This science also probes hot gas in clusters of galaxies, which are the most massive objects in the Universe. Finally, high-energy radiation provides important information about our own Galaxy, neutron stars, supernova remnants and stars like our Sun which emit copious amounts of high energy radiation.


The Incredible Sun/Aurora Storm

Every second the Sun emits million times more energy than the world consumes every year. Where does such a huge amount of power come from? Discover our star through the breathtaking timelapses. Thanks to the real images taken by the Solar Dynamics Observatory and processed by advanced mathematical methods, you will experience the true nature of the Sun and find out that it is far from being as calm as it seems at first glance.



the incredible sun