Overdrive eBooks and Electronic Audiobooks

How To Access E-Books in OverDrive

To access the eBooks in our OverDrive digital collection using your computer:
  1. Download Adobe Digital Editions for your PC or Mac
  2. Open Digital Editions
  3. Connect your eBook reader and activate it with your Adobe ID
  4. Check out your eBook(s) - use Open, not Save
  5. Drag and drop it/them to your reader
  6. You can now read your checked out book(s)

Adobe Updates

Adobe has released Digital Editions v 2.0. There are many improvements with viewing eBooks and activating devices. Be aware that the Loan Period banners may not show proper information, however.

Sony Readers

For Sony Readers

OverDrive Media Console App

For iPads, iPhones, Android devices, Blackberries, Windows Phones, and now Nook devices, you can get the OverDrive Media Console app and download eBooks directly to your mobile device.

Bluefire Reader App

Also, if you have an iPad or iPhone, you can use the Bluefire Reader app to read your eBook(s), without sync! Simply e-mail your downloaded e-books to yourself (they have an .acsm extension) and open them with Bluefire using your Adobe ID.

Return Books Early

If you have version 2.3 or greater of the OverDrive Media Console app, you can now return eBooks early -
  1. From the Bookshelf view select Edit
  2. Select Delete
  3. Select Return and Delete (not just delete)

Tutorial Videos