Audio Books

Listen to a book?

It can be handy in any one of a number of situations; while driving, cleaning, cooking, taking a walk, or whatever you can think of. Let a trained actor (or actors) read to you from your favorite book.

Available Media

The Roswell Public Library has titles in either CD, Cassette tape, or Downloadable Audio Books for your mobile device.
Also available are Playaways: Handheld players that are easier to use and more compact than CDs or Cassettes. Pocket portable and lightweight for those on the go.


Fiction audio books are sorted by the author's last name - these are found on the first shelf unit of the Audio-Visual section. Non-fiction is found on the second shelf unit, sorted by Dewey Decimal number.

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The library strives to have bestsellers available in audio books - if you don't see it, ask!