Room Policies

The Board of Trustees of the Roswell Public Library, recognizing the diverse nature of this community with the varied needs of its citizens, has adopted the following policy regarding the use of the multi-purpose room known as the Bondurant Room.

Library Programs Priority

The room has been provided to enlarge the library services offered to the community; therefore, library programs always have priority over any other use made of this facility. When not needed for library-centered programs, the room may be made available for limited community use.

Educational Programs

The use of the facilities will be available for programs and meetings to community groups and organizations whose aims are educational, cultural and/or for civic betterment. The meeting room may not be used for meetings which are commercial or social in their purpose or which further an individual’s goal. Other types of meetings may be approved at the discretion of the Director.

Permission Denial

Permission to use the meeting room will be denied to any group whose purpose is illegal, whose conduct would interfere with the work of the library because of noise or other factors, or for which satisfactory sponsorship is not provided.

No Advertising or Sales

Advertising or promotion of products or services and the sale of any item will not be permitted. No admission fee may be charged, donations solicited, or a collection taken at any meeting. Exceptions may be made in the case of library sponsored activities.


Use of the meeting room does not constitute endorsement by the Roswell Public Library of points of view expressed by participants in the program.