User Responsibilities

Proper Conduct

In accepting the use of the room the person and/or organization making reservations will be held responsible for the proper conduct of those attending and for the expense caused by any damage, and all meetings must be in compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act. The Library or its staff assumes no responsibility for any of the organization’s property that may be damaged. Furniture or equipment other than that furnished by the Library is not to be used without the Library Director’s approval. Library equipment available for use is listed on the application form. It is the responsibility of the group to pay for any damage to equipment, furniture or the room that occurs during their meeting.

Extra Service Not Provided

When the use of the room requires extra service (custodial, watchman, special equipment, etc.) the expense will be borne by the user. The amount will be agreed upon in advance. In no case will any expense be accrued to the Library except with the Library Director’s written approval.

Seating Capacity

The seating capacity of the Bondurant Room is 150. All meetings must begin and end as scheduled. Children and Young Adult groups may use the room only if one or more adult sponsors are present. There will be NO SMOKING in the room or lobby, and all Fire Department regulations will be observed. Nothing will be affixed to walls without prior written approval of the Library Director. The Bondurant Room may be divided into two separate rooms to serve two groups. Room “A” seating capacity is 30 and Room “B” seating capacity is 50.

Food & Refreshments

Light refreshments only will be allowed, with all leftover food taken home after the meeting. No dinners or alcoholic beverages may be served unless approved by the Library Board. Foods or beverages containing red dye will not be allowed due to the stains it may cause to furniture and carpet. Any spills must be reported immediately to the Circulation Desk.


If the room is used for exhibits, a member of the sponsoring group must be present at all times when the room is open.

Equipment Storage

The Library cannot store equipment or materials for any group, except when cleared in advance by the Library Director.

Group Parking

Groups are expected to use annex parking when attending meetings.


The group must notify Librarian in charge when meeting is over so that the Bondurant Room may be checked and locked.