Jeanine Best


  • Vice Chair of Public Safety Committee
  • Member of Infrastructure Committee


Councilor Best is a life long Roswell resident and a single mother of three. She is a graduate of St. Scholastic Academy, Canyon City, Co., has an EMS certification from ENMUR and is a member of the Narrow Way Ministries.


She is a member of the PVH (Pecos Valley Horsemen) and NOLL (Noon Optimist Little League); recently NMML (New Mexico Municipal League) and the Public Safety Policy Committee. She has been past president of PTO for Washington Avenue., and Sidney Guterez Middle School and is a life member of the American Quarter Horse Association, Leadership Roswell, and Elks Lodge 969.

Jeanine’s greatest accomplishments so far in life are believing, trusting and having faith in the Lord, raising her three children to have manners, respect for God and all that they are around, whether it is human, animal, or property.

Business Sense

Common (business) sense is what Jeanine brings to the table; she does not hold back what she thinks needs to be said or done and has no problem of agreeing or disagreeing. Councilor Best says she was elected by the citizens of Roswell, Ward III to do a JOB and she will not just sit on the fence and watch - she will stand and shoot from the hip.

She thanks all of you for giving her your vote of confidence. She has no personal agenda, only to do what is in the best interest for Roswell.