Airport Services

PLEASE NOTE: Long-term vehicle parking slots fill up quickly and travelers are asked to consider being dropped off at the terminal instead of leaving their vehicles. Please limit parking to 2 weeks. Thank you for your cooperation.

Airport Services

The RIAC is an FAA approved 139-certified airport and has the following services available:

  • Air Traffic Control Tower with Active Radar
    • Hours: 6 a.m. - 9 p.m.
  • Free overnight aircraft parking
  • Free aircraft tie down
  • Free long and short term vehicle parking
  • 24 hour Fire Department with Index B capabilities and EMS on site
  • Full FBO (Avflight Roswell) services
  • Rental car facilities

A parking lot expansion project at the Roswell Air Center is taking place. The project will create paved lots for additional public long-term parking to accommodate vehicles of airline passengers. The new paved lots will be built on the currently undeveloped areas directly to the west and south of the existing long-term parking.

The work on the new parking lots is expected to be completed around the beginning of August. Use of the new lots will be free of charge to the public, as is use of the existing long-term parking lot.

View map of parking area affected by this project.